Would it hurt to think?

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I’m surprised people still follow me on here? Wow, thanks, I actually really appreaciate it! Tbh, I do wanna roleplay but at the same time I can’t, I’ve been trying but NOTHING COMES UP slaps self. So I’ll try making an AU Santi account and see if I can improve my writing! Or at least get my head clear to actually write something!

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Ok, for anyone who was wondering, uuhh the reason I haven’t been on here (or any other rp account tbh) is a bit hard to explain but whatevs. To put it simple, the past month was a hard time for my family. And now on January, it hasn’t gotten any better, in all honesty, the situation worsened now. I’m not capable of doing stuff right now considering my head is literally full of other things and yeah. I’ve tried entering on other accounts and all but I seriously can’t. So yeah, that’s kind of it. Thank you for reading or caring or agiosgjsalg. Have a good day!


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"Huh?" The Spaniard was only feeling a bit lazy today, either because he’d just woken up, or thanks to the amount of hours of sleep he’s been taking. Not that he cared anyway. "Something on my face? Need anything? Or what?"

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I’ve had an idea for a new oc yesterday, soooo I’ll be doing that now! y u y Won’t be on here, but probably will be checking this account for today!

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“Of course I am, can’t you tell?”

"I… guess not. But it’s good you’re happy since I’m happy to see you too."

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“Yuuko Ichihara,” She chuckled, “You are?”

"It’s as pretty as your face." He was probably in a really good mood. "Santiago’s the name. You can call me whatever you want, though."

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